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Sunshine ☀️😍😍 starting on my magical journey with a plane ✈️. Sit back, relax and Start your journey with some sparkling pineapple 🍍. Fasten your pretend seatbelt with a bit of Cassis, Mandarin and Apple. Your journey is a smooth one , no turbulence as your senses find some fruity lime, peach 🍑 and coconut 🥥
Landing on base notes of wood, I do hope you enjoyed your imaginative flight ✈️ and are as excited as I am. 🤞🤞
weights are estimated, colours and shapes may vary


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3 d train, airplane, baby, bandaged head, bear, bee, bees, bees 2, bees 3, bell, birdhouse, boat, booties, butterfly, buttons, candle, car melt, castle, cherub, christmas pack of melts, christmas tree, daisy, dinosars x4, dinosaurs x2, dinosaurs x3, dragonfly, duck, embossed heart, flower, flower fairy, geo heart, ghost, glass bowl 10cm, glass bowl 12cm, gown, holding on, i love you x, jacobs rose, jurasic x4 melts, Jurassic x4, karen, kay, ladybird, large flower, large melt, love, melt, melt fan, melt handbag, melt happy birthday, melt paw, melt paws x2, melt shoes, melt unicorn, melt yoda, melts x2, melts x2 roses, melts x4, mermaid, mermaid tail, monster, owl, owl x2, owl x4, paw, paw est14g, paw melts x2, paws x4, pumpkin, rabbit, Rainbow, rainbow 2, resin angel wings, resin bookmark, resin charm keyring, resin ice angel, resin initial keyring, resin pocket hug, resin rose, robot, rose tart, santa, sealife set, snowman, sunflower, ted, train, tub, unicorn, Various, waxident, wickless wax


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